Thursday, October 28, 2010

MEP industry failing to take advantage of BIM

A new article found here on Construction Week Online briefly describes some of the advantages MEP firms can gain from using BIM models. One of the main points is the saving of prefabrication costs of ductwork. One major point I see not mentioned in the article, is the obvious  interference and clash detection of the above mentioned ductwork with other disciplines, namely structural.

The MEP industry is failing to take advantage of BIM modelling of projects to cut costs and improve efficiency, said buildingSMART ME president Tahir Sharif at the Construction Week Abu Dhabi conference.

“In this region, BIM has perhaps the greatest opportunities in the MEP industry, where 3D modelling is virtually zero, or it is outsourced.

“In the US, for example, even fabricators produce such models. The major benefit is that the MEP industry can introduce prefabrication, such as HVAC ductwork, which will have huge cost implications,” said Sharif.
“We must look to improve our ways. Professionals must work together and bring information together at an early enough stage. This can save up to 3% on the total project cost,” said Sharif.

“If the construction industry improves its way of doing things, which is actually easier to do rather than try to fast-track everything, component costs can be reduced significantly. This will also promote honesty and transparency, which is perhaps a challenge in such the claims-conscious construction industry.”
BIM with virtual modelling “will reduce wastage, increase efficiency, boost quality and improve delivery," said Sharif.